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    U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson visits Fayetteville, talks politics.

    Fayetville Observer

    Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson doesn’t support presidential candidate Donald Trump, but he wouldn’t tell a smattering of people who came out to greet him Tuesday who he will vote for.

    Hudson is the newest congressman for the redrawn 8th Congressional District, which includes Moore, Hoke and part of Cumberland County, including Fort Bragg.

    Hudson said he doesn’t know if the district’s boundaries will be approved as drawn in court, but he knows the lines will not return to how they were when he was elected to Congress in 2012.

    Hudson wasn’t waiting for a final decision to get reacquainted with Fayetteville, a city he said he knows well from his six years as district director for former U.S. Rep Robin Hayes.

    Hudson and Mayor Nat Robertson sat informally in the Council Chambers as Robertson asked the congressman questions with direct correlations to Fayetteville.

    Among other topics, Hudson said he believes in bipartisan support in Washington, less bureaucracy, immigration reform and privatization of veteran health care.

    He expressed frustration with the dealings on Capitol Hill, saying he grew up wanting to solve problems.

    “In Washington,” Hudson said, “they want to kick the can down the road.”

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