• Iran defies Obama’s ill-advised deal

    Last fall when President Obama introduced his Iran deal, the American people were skeptical. Like many of you, I was fearful that the deal would allow Iran to become a nuclear power, threatening the security of the entire world. Just last month, our concerns were realized as Iran test-fired ballistic missiles.

    In response, President Obama stated this action is against the “spirit” of the Iran deal and chastised the Iranian government for the test. Even more startling is the fact that this administration announced last week they are planning to allow Iran limited access to the U.S. dollar as part of a looser sanctions package. This historic move is another step in the wrong direction, and proves our president will continue to reward Iran despite their hostile behavior.

    As I have said before, when the most brutal, anti-American regime and largest state sponsor of global terror says they want us dead, I believe them. Not only this, but Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei declared that the launched missiles had “Israel must be wiped off the planet” marked in Hebrew on the side.

    Their actions and words couldn’t be speaking any louder; Iran’s launch of ballistic missiles is a clear provocation of the U.S., Israel and our allies.

    There is no miscommunication here. When the United Nations agreed to the Iran deal, it was made clear to the Iranians that testing of ballistic missiles was not supported by the United Nations or the nations that agreed to lift the sanctions imposed on Iran. Despite all this, the Obama administration has announced they are going to allow intermediary financial institutions to conduct foreign currency trades in U.S. dollars, even after assuring Congress this would not happen during negotiation of the Iran deal.

    In spite of violating the terms of the agreement, Iran has been rewarded by the Obama administration by being granted indirect access to U.S. funds.

    The Iranian regime is the No. 1 sponsor of global terror in the world, and they continue to destabilize the Middle East, funnel money and weapons to terrorists and threaten Israel with annihilation. With this newly granted access to the U.S. dollar, Iran will have even more money to commit to sponsoring terrorism and fulfilling their mission of wiping the sovereign state of Israel “off the planet.”

    From the very beginning, President Obama’s negotiation of this deal has been from a position of weakness. Iran has capitalized on this by taking advantage of President Obama at every opportunity, including by disregarding the U.N.’s resolution and testing ballistic missiles.

    Because the United States was one of six nations involved in the Iran deal, it will be next to impossible to successfully reinstate the international sanctions put in place in 2006 and bring Iran back to the negotiating table. President Obama’s desire to secure his legacy with this deal puts our regional and global security at risk.

    However, I will not sit by as Iran paves the way to a nuclear bomb. I have co-sponsored H.R. 4815, the Iran Ballistic Missile Sanctions Act. This bill would impose sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program in response to its recent tests and renew the Iran Sanctions Act, which expires this year.

    Additionally, I have joined with my colleagues in a letter to the administration demanding answers on Iran’s access to U.S. dollars through these intermediary financial institutions.

    When it comes to our national security, America must lead from a position of strength, not weakness. I refuse to allow Iran to disregard the restrictions placed on them. As your representative, I will do everything in my power to hold them accountable.

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