• Hudson for Congress Campaign Virtual Press Conference

    Moore County, NC – Congressman Richard Hudson, Fort Bragg’s Congressman and candidate for North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District, was joined by veterans, military families and a Gold Star Spouse today for a virtual press conference to set the record straight on Congressman Hudson’s record of supporting troops, veterans and their families. Today’s announcement follows false and misleading advertisements from the House Majority Pac and DCCC  on behalf of and by Congressman Hudson’s opponent, Patricia Timmons-Goodson claiming that Congressman Hudson “skipped out” on pay raises for troops. One ad run by Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority Pac, was deemed ‘mostly false’ by CBS 17.

    “Serving as Fort Bragg’s Congressman is an honor and voters, as well as our troops, veterans and their families, deserve to know the truth about my record,” said Congressman Hudson. “Claims that I skipped out on pay raises for troops are lies and do not reflect my record of helping secure critical provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act to give troops a 10% raise, increase support for military family education, and expand access to the VA for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.”

    Joining Congressman Hudson today were Concord City Councilman and veteran John Sweat, retired Army Sgt. Mike Verardo who was severely wounded in action as a member of the 82nd Airborne, Michelle Black, a Gold Star Spouse of 3rd Special Forces Group Sgt. Bryan Black who was killed in action in Tongo Tongo on Oct. 4, 2017, and Army Special Forces veteran John Zumwalt. Each speaker discussed Congressman Hudson’s record serving troops, their families and veterans.

    While ads being run on TV and mailed to voters claim Congressman Hudson “skipped a vote to give military families a much needed pay raise” and “turned his back on military families,” these ads fail to mention that Congressman Hudson wrote sections of the National Defense Authorization Act which awarded a pay raise to troops, a 10% increase in Hazardous Duty Pay, strengthened and expanded the Preservation of the Force and Family program for Special Forces, expanded the VA’s Burn Pit Registry for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in Egypt and Syria, strengthened the Exceptional Family Member Program that supports special needs education for military families, and improved Impact Aid funding for education around military bases. 

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