• Health Care

    Concerned about the rising cost of health coverage and health care, Richard has led the charge to reform our broken health care system. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the committee charged with writing most of our nation’s health care laws, Richard has distinguished himself as a leader in health care who will pursue bipartisan solutions to the most pressing issues.

    A remaining priority for Richard is dismantling the top-down, government-heavy approach of the Affordable Care Act. Richard has outlined his principles for reforming our health care laws—

    • Maintain strict protections for consumers such as prohibiting annual or lifetime coverage limits, gender rating, and denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
    • Providing assistance to individuals without employer-sponsored coverage to buy health insurance.
    • Bolstering health savings accounts and allowing their use with high deductible plans.
    • Increasing cost-transparency so patients can be better-informed consumers and hold our health care providers accountable for the prices they are charging.
  • Richard Hudson Veterans


    Richard believes the Veterans Administration should honor its promise to our nation’s veterans—to care for the soldier who has endured battle. Richard fights every day he’s in Washington to hold the VA’s bureaucracy accountable and get rid of the red tape that prevents the hardworking men and women of the VA in Salisbury and Fayetteville from doing their jobs.

    Richard also believes that veterans should not be denied access to care because the Washington bureaucracy at the VA is getting in the way. He has long championed supplementing care at the VA with access to outside providers to ease congestion. He has never advocated for privatizing the VA as he believes veterans should have access to a health care system that can cater to their unique needs, but he does believe veterans should never be delayed in accessing care.

    This is why he wrote the Care Veterans Deserve Act, a bill designed to increase and enhance access to outside providers from the VA. This bill was used as a foundation for the VA MISSION Act, a bill signed into law by Donald Trump that reformed the VA’s health care system and enhanced access to outside providers for veterans.

  • Military & Soldiers

    The 8th District is home to Fort Bragg and Richard has been a staunch advocate for our soldiers in Washington. Known as the epicenter of the universe, Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world and plays home to some of our military’s most important commands. Richard makes a point of visiting the base when he is not in Washington and learning what is affecting our troops and how we can better prepare them for their next deployment or trip home.

    One of these trips turned him on to a pay disparity experienced by some of our special operations soldiers. Often, these soldiers operate in areas that are as hazardous as a war zone, but due to technicalities do not allow a soldier to qualify for hazardous duty pay. Richard has introduced bipartisan legislation to fix this discrepancy and ensure our soldiers are paid adequately, no matter where they are in the world.

    Richard has successfully fought for more training funding for our troops, ensuring that our soldiers will never be in a fair fight. He has also sought more resources for when our soldiers return home, fighting to bolster the Preservation of the Force Family program so that soldiers and their families have the resources needed to recover from battlefield wounds, acclimate back to life in the United States, or can seek help if they are experiencing hardship.

    Richard understands that winning the War on Terror is vital to our survival as a civilization. He will fight to provide our military and national security agencies with all the resources they need to defeat Islamic extremists who want to destroy our way of life. Richard believes the top priority of the federal government must be to protect the lives of the American people and he will work hard to make certain the government is living up to that responsibility.

  • Protecting the 2nd Amendment

    A lifelong hunter, sportsman and the recognized leader on Second Amendment issues in the United States Congress, Richard knows the Second Amendment is America’s First Freedom. Richard vigorously defends the rights of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and was honored to be on the Program with President Trump at the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting – the only Congressman invited to speak.

    Richard has successfully defended against efforts to ban green tip ammunition, overreaching gun control bills, and led the US House to pass what was called “the biggest guns rights boost since the ratification of the Second Amendment” – his Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This legislation passed the House on December 7, 2017.

    Richard knows that our God-given rights ensure that Americans can own firearms for hunting, shooting sports, self-defense or any other lawful purpose. That’s why we can count on him to continue to be the Second Amendment champion in the halls of Congress.

  • jobs

    Creating Jobs

    Richard knows the importance of getting this economy growing and creating jobs. He is committed to conservative, pro-business principles that will help create jobs: cutting taxes, reducing excessive regulations and fully funding worker retraining programs at our community colleges. Richard rolls up his sleeves, works hard and remains focused on his goal of every worker having an opportunity at a good job.

  • cutting spending

    Cutting Spending

    As a solid conservative, Richard is certain of one thing: Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. That’s why Richard has pledged to never increase taxes as a member of Congress. With a national debt upwards of 18 trillion dollars, Richard believes it is long past time for conservatives to draw a line in the sand. We can count on him to fight to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, DC. Washington is broken and we need conservative solutions and steadfast leadership to fix it.

    Richard is staunchly opposed to the practice of Congressional earmarks. Richard believes Congress should spend taxpayer money as efficiently as possible. Although earmarks represent a small portion of overall federal spending, the use of earmarks invites potential abuse and corruption.

  • Life

    Richard is 100% Pro-Life and fights for legislation which protects life from conception until natural death. He knows that life is a precious gift from God and should be protected at all stages. Richard defends the ban on partial birth abortions and fight against any legislation which seeks to legalize euthanasia. Richard will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves and proactively defend life.